Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       We had a women's Bible study here tonight ( you are invited, by the way) and we investigated the passage in Philippians that says that love ought to lead to "keen insight" (Amplified).
     An interesting concept, don't you think?
     I am so glad that there is a Counselor. An "alongside One". One Who indwells and will lead in these beautiful treasures.
     Can you imagine how hard it would be if we had to develop on our own all the things that the Bible says are ours in Christ? How could we create out of nothing the treasures that are "hidden in Him"?
     I can't. I have a little pea-brain. Not only that, but I have a tendency toward human emotion, human ambition, human conclusion, human frailty, and so I would be a royal flop!
     When I asked Jesus to be my Lord, God gave me the Holy Spirit Who lives and dwells in me.
      This beautiful happening is a mystery, and so I don't try to understand it. But I do know that the indwelling Holy Spirit is a Person Who leads me into love. He interprets the Bible. He causes me to look up. He whispers to me choices that I would never even know about. He lets me see things that are hidden.
     Best of all, He reveals Jesus.
     I cannot tell you how in love I am with Jesus.