Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        How often have you heard someone say "Oh, this is just my cross to bear." What they are really saying is that this is an unpleasant prospect or situation, and they will just have to endure it.
     Where did anybody ever get the idea that that is the cross?
     It certainly isn't.
     The cross is the object of the death of the flesh. The cross is taken up as a deliberate act of obedience. The cross is the only door to being a disciple and the cross is taken up because we hasten after Him, and cannot bear to be without His companionship.
     I take up my cross and follow Him when I agree with God's Word about the things that I find difficult - even repulsive. I take up my cross when I go to Him in obedience and give up to Him the situations that are unfair and might be easily vindicated if I were to react. I take up my cross when I am willing to deliberately submit to the chastening of the Lord.
     Tough things come all through the life of every human, but the things that make for the privilege of taking up the cross are only seen by those who have told Him that they want to know what it means to give up all and follow Him.
     The way of the cross leads home!