Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        Bill and Dean flew down to Connecticut today for a few hours to attend an event related to their pastoral duties. So Barry had to preach at the nursing home. (He was terrific!)
     After church on Sundays, we grab a hasty (but fun) lunch and then we are off to two nursing homes in the area. One of them we have done for almost seven years, and the other for five. I play the piano while a little faithful crew from our church goes into the rooms and brings in the folks who want to go to the service.
     The meeting is a real big deal to the thirty or so folks that come on a regular basis. Bill is really their pastor and he has done funerals, and as you can imagine, hospital visitation. I have seen him hold old people who smelled so awful that I couldn't believe it. I have seen him stroke their hair and tell them about heaven, and about how much God loves them.
     We go on Christmas. We go if there is a snow storm. When I am real sick I stay home. But when he is sick, he still goes. He went through indescribable personal tragedy, and it never resulted in a missed Sunday. The only time he is not there is when he is ministering somewhere else.
     That consistency is a mark of a soldier of the cross.
     That consistency is an attribute of our God imparted to those whose eyes are fixed on Him.
     When it comes to the very difficult avenues of ministry, there can be no ongoing consistency, save it is supernaturally given.