Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


     As most of you know, I am currently in law school. If the Lord tarries, we will be able to offer free legal services to the missionaries we support.
     One of the most interesting thing I have learned in my studies is that the law is really black and white. In fact, though the classes in law school are to train the lawyer to think in a certain manner, the bar exam is about what is called "black letter law" That means the absoluteness of the statutes.
     God's law is like that. How interesting it is that there are so many experts on zillions of things, and every doctoral dissertation must be based on an original topic on which the writer is an expert Yet, most of the people who flaunt qualifications to talk about God's law have gotten their information second hand.
     I love good Bible scholarship, and I can remember years of hearing my father practice his Greek in the night. My dad was a Hebrew and Greek scholar, and he loved God's Word. He graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible, Northwestern School of the Bible, and Trinity Seminary as well as two other colleges (he had five college degrees). But my most vivid memories of my father are not those of his great intellect, or of his brilliant preaching. They are the memories of his much prayer. They are the memories of his tears over the sins and plights of others. They are the memories of a deep and gracious man who loved the Lord with his whole heart, and who knew that God meant what He said.
     He was not a man motivated by the intellectual findings of others, but a man who spent time with His Lord, and knew Him well enough to know that He is a clear and definite God.
     Maybe you know some born again Christians. Maybe they are real jerks. But just maybe they are tugging at you because they know something you don't - that God's Law is "black letter law", and you must answer for you response or your non-response.
     Call on Jesus now - you have absolutely nothing to lose. If He isn't listening, who will ever know? And if He is who we say He is, you will someday stand securely before the loving Judge.