Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


      Thirty-five years of college teaching have taught me that young people are hurting. Going to two nursing homes and a retirement home each week has taught me that old people are hurting. Having a busy store has taught me that everyone between is hurting.
     The world is howling in pain and looking desperately for relief - looking in all the places where there is more of what already makes earth's population desperate.
     I have been to forty-eight countries in recent years, and I think people all over the world are the same. Everyone seems to think that if only one more need were satisfied, or if only there were a little more material gain, or if only this relationship were resolved, there would be relief.
     It just isn't so. Do you want peace? Real peace? Try Jesus. Everywhere He went, He healed. He never said no to anyone who asked Him directly. Try it . Ask Him - outloud - in the bathroom, or somewhere no one will listen - that is, no one but Him.
     The One who named you and who watches you attentively is eagerly waiting to hear from you.