Other Christians:

     You are to lay down your life for the Brethren (I John 3:16).     

     That does not mean you are to be a bloody doormat.  It means that you are to not allowed to retaliate and talk about it as most do.  It means you can't keep score.  It means you must acknowledge He is in control, He knows all about it, and He will do what needs to be done at the right time.  Not on your time.

     Soldier of The Cross, once you have decided to take up The Cross and follow Him, your deepest wounds will be inflicted by other Christians.

     When you understand this, you can recognize it and move on.  The critical issue is, do not be distracted by someone else's bad behavior, even when it is devastating.  God's Word is a salve in these situations.

     Tell Him you are willing to obey, and tell Him aloud.  Then move on and do the thing right before you.

     Soldier, time is short.

     Tell Him aloud, and move on!