More than the Feeling:

     Most things in life that are of value do not come to us because we feel like doing or getting them.

     I never feel like practicing my bassoon.  I never feel like having a quiet time.  I never feel like working on a brief., and I never, ever feel like exercising.   But I do these things because they need to be done and because I value them and have set them as priorities.
     I feel like eating.  Or knitting.  Or sitting with friends and talking.  Resting.  Reading a book.

     Memorizing verses has never been easy.  But all of the things of value listed involve a physical discipline that is the result of setting priorities.

     The Soldier of The Cross must set principles for life and you must live by them.  This cannot be done without directed and affirmative prayer.  

     Soldier, you are preparing and being prepared for Eternity.

     Trouble with discipline?  Are you attracted to living a life that looks forward to Eternity?

     Tell Him today.

     Then do the next chore with all you are.