Your Impact:

     Soldier of The Cross, you can't begin to imagine the influence you have on others.

     Some of the most remarkable stories of Christian heroes are those about people falsely accused, people with chronic pain, some suffering unspeakable grief, and others who simply plodded on, glowing from His Presence.

     Apart from sin, there is no situation that limits the Holy Spirit.  

     It is a mistake to need to feel strong.   As soon as we think we are strong, we tend to ignore the need to be completely dependent on Him.

     You have far more control over your attitude than you think.  
     You can learn to adjust your countenance.
     You can learn to govern your thoughts.
     It is critical to stop complaining.
     If you can't remember this morning's verse, have it written on a card and haul it around with you.

     No matter what your calling is, you are in full-time Christian service, and never forget it.

    Tell Him today- aloud.