Not Fair:

     There is nothing in God's Word to indicate that those who are His will be treated fairly, protected from loss, or extolled for successes.

     We are to trust that He who is preparing a Place for us sees it all and has designed an eternal outcome that is far better than we could ever imagine.

     I doubt there has ever been a true servant of the Living God who has avoided all controversy or false accusation.

     There must be a private time with the Lord where the matter is given to Him.  It might need to be given over and over and over.

     One of the enemy's favorite ploys is false accusation.  Some things must be met head on, and some need to be left for the Lord to work out as He wills.

     The real issues are:
     The Servant's heart before the Lord.  
     Willingness to move on.
     Refusal to wound-lick.
     Understanding that talking about it a lot inflates its importance
     Ministering to others in the midst of the storm or the devastation.

     Soldier of The Cross, you have been born into the Royal Race.

     Tell Him you will trust Him.  Tell Him aloud.

     Then, look up and move on