It is not always easy to encourage the Brethren, although we are told to always encourage each other. There are those who simply can't receive anything. They will tell you constantly how bad things are, and no matter what you say, they continue to stell you that you can't possibly understand. God;'s Word does not apply to them, because they are suffering too much. Then there are some who are so knowledgeable, they can not hear anything from you, because you are not as educated or as intellectual as they. They can only hear from those who are equally qualified or smarter than they are. Then, there are those who hang on every word. They can't get enough. In fact, what they want is your undivided attention all the time. Even though they ooh and aah at each word, it is never enough. What a joy to lend a word to those who love Him! There is a keen ear for His voice and an immediate recognition of His touch. Solder, it is not your job to decide who is who. We are told to have a Word and to be available to encourage all the Brethren all the time. Do not look for results. Just obey.