What is gripping your mind at this moment? Is it something that lines up with God's Word? Or is a thought against a Brother or Sister? Is it a worry? A rehashing of painful words? What is important to Him? Heaven. Eternity. Holiness. Your attention. Faith. Above all, He who is Love wants His own to Love His own. Love the lost. Love the sick. Love the prisoner. Love the handicapped. God's Love pouring through you is far more important than anything that can be troubling you. You say, "But, I can't love when the situation is so critical and needs to be corrected. . ." That is not so. You only feel as though you can not Love. The truth is, if He has asked you to obey, He will give the the power to obey. The real issue is, what do you really want? If you want Jesus, He is knocking at the door of your heart.