Come Home!

God's Grace is far beyond human comprehension. The Books of the Prophets outline the consequences of disobedience. At the same time, the Holy Spirit records that He who holds the stars in place, desperately loves His Own. If they will turn to Him and be His, He is always willing to receive then with open Arms. Soldier of The Cross, many do not understand what it means to follow the Lord. It means that He and He alone, must be the center of the Believer's life. It means that there must be public and private evidence of His rule in the Believer's life. It means that all the Believer has is His. It means there is no right to ask why. He leads, we follow. It means that His discipline is welcome. It means sacrificial love for the brethren. It means obedience to His Word. It means devotion to His Body. It means He is All in All.