What does it take to be a Servant of The Lord? The decision to belong to Him. That is all. It is a decision to follow Him no matter what the cost. Soldier of The Cross, can you say that you are His Servant? Have you counted the cost? Are you willing to pay the price? Is there any reason to make a different choice? Are you willing to stand alone? Or with those who have been rejected by others? Soldier, you must seek the Lord ongoingly. Each day, you must make it your aim to press in o the call and present yourself for service, present yourself as a living sacrifice and affirmatively allow Him to do anything He will and can do with and in your life. When you have so presented yourself to the One who died for you and who is preparing a Place for you, you will be able to minister to the Body of Christ. You will be able to give sacrificially without any loss. You will have a vision for the lost and you will be available to those who are repulsive to others. You will be eager to do without if it means seeing Him more clearly. You will be passionate about and dependant upon His Word. Listen to me, Soldier: Is there anything else? Look up and move on!