Soldier of The Cross, have you told the Lord that He can do anything with your life? If not, why not? What are the issues? Is He able to decide what is best for you? Is He capable of choosing the thing that is the bet thing for you? Or, is it possible that you have either equal or superior ability to determine the best course? Have you actually told Him He can have you? Aloud? It is not possible to do this unless you are serious and mean business. When you have told Him that your life is in His hands, you will know freedom for the first time. I have actually had people tell me that if they let the Lord have their lives, He will destroy their families. This statement denies God's Word. There is an assumption that God is looking only for a willing victim. You will agree with me that God is Love. You will agree with me that He has your best interest as a foremost desire for your life. You will agree with me that He gave up Glory and died for you. You have nothing to lose. The King of Glory wants your attention. He wants your Obedience. He wants your love. He wants your all. Is there anything better?