Standing On the Promises:

What makes His Promises real to you? How can you say that you know He is true to His Word? Until you step out on His Word, you do not know - you only believe. Those who have decided to put their weight on Word, albeit circumstances appear to contradict God, those are they who know He can be trusted. They chose to trust Him when His way appeared to be outside the realm of possibility. Soldier of The Cross, trusting God is a stunning adventure. Few have ventured into the vast frontier of faith. Those who have discovered the freedom of faith will say that there is no limit to the experience of freedom found in Christ. His Promises care diametrically opposed to sight and the control impulses of the flesh. There is absolutely nothing else. In fact, when we stand before Him and our works are judged, everything that is not of faith, not founded on the Promises of God, will be burned up and will come to nothing. There is much to do and you are not alone. He is always active. Loving. Supportive. Advocating. Look up and move on!