The indwelling Holy Spirit empowers the believer in many areas. He give power to obey. He gives power to move. Power to stand still. power to speak. Power to remain silent. He enables the Soldier of The Cross to lay his life down for the Brethren. He sheds light on the situations. The list is endless. One of the grandest provisions for the Christian is the Power to follow the Lord when everything around is intended to distract. It is a supernatural response to the Lord that is not to be compared to even the most extraordinary human concentration . It is simple. Because He said. I believe it. I take hold of it. I put all my weight on it. I stop weighing and analyzing the things I see, and I stand on the Promises. But it is supernatural and it is the result of specific prayer. Prayer that gives the situation over to the Lord. Prayer that chooses His Word. Prayer that puts aside personal agenda. Prayer that recognizes His Sovereignty. Prayer that agrees with Him in all areas. Allow the Indwelling Holy Spirit to release this supernatural power in your life. Agree with God.