Private Time in Prayer

The one who spends private time in prayer aloud, has a bearing that reflects heaven.

It is not possible to recognize the Lord or have a radiant relationship with the Him if any of the components are missing.

It is easier to study than it is to pray. It is easier to serve than it is to pray. It is easier to go to meetings than it is to pray.

In fact, it is almost easier to give the body to be burned than it is to pray.

So, pray. Pray aloud. Tell Him what you love about Him. What you love about His people and His Word.

Sing to Him.

Interceded for others. Ask Him to do the deepest work in your heart.

Don't tell Him how to do it.

Know that He is listening and responding.

Then, studies bring a new dimension. Service becomes an expression of Rivers of Living Water. Meetings become a bathing of His feet in perfume.

Sacrifice is dwarfed, and the victim mentality is flushed away.

Pray. Pray