You will stand alone before the Lord.

You will stand alone before the Lord.

You will account for your actions and your words. Your works will be tested by fire. They will burn or they will stand. You will not have any reasons or excuses.

Nothing will be found to be the fault of any other person. You will stand alone before Him.

So, stand before Him now. Make your decisions according to the Word of God. You may not acquiesce to a lesser standard. You may not compromise integrity to please someone else.

You may not choose a less resistant path, just because it is asked of you or because you are passive. You may not bend in an ungodly direction to please the sinful.

No one has ever been won to Christ by the drawing down of the Christian flag.

Soldier of The Cross, keep your eye on the Goal. Make sure your day is about His Word, His Life, His Own and His agenda.

Do more than you feel you can do. Do more than you think you can do. Step out and love one who you think you could never love.

Invest in eternity.