He will answer far beyond anything you can imagine.

As you pray, remember that the Lord is not going to answer prayer according to your concept.

He will answer far beyond anything you can imagine.

So, be sure not to limit God in prayer. I have heard people outline and describe to the Lord how the situation should be addressed. I have also heard people pray specifically about situations that they know nothing about - perhaps there has been a secondhand prayer request. How dangerous it is to just take the ball and run.

We must pray according to God's Word. He can not be put in a box, and He never does the same thing twice.

If you are praying for a job for someone, that is wonderful. If you are praying for a specific job for that person, you must have a witness of the Holy Spirit that the job is the will of God for that person. Otherwise, you must pray for for the will of God with regard to the person's job.

Soldier of The Cross, we are told to pray about specifics. I have often prayed for things I did not know the Lord would bring - a free church, certain pieces of furniture, money for a particular trip and many other things.

When it comes to the lives of others, simply be careful. Do not pray, for example, that the Lord would put someone's child in a specific college. Instead, the issue is the will of God, and the eagerness of involved parties to submit to His will.

If you have found you have participated in gossip, tread carefully. You are already on thin ice and you must confess your sin before you pray about the thing you have just heard.

Being accepted in Christian circles should never determine the direction of prayer.

God's Word is the only Standard.