Soldier of The Cross, there is little more dangerous than thinking blessing is defined by being healthy,  having money in the bank, and having everyone like you.

      Yes, it's wonderful to know we can ask, and He will supply our needs. Yes, we should  ask for healing unless the Holy Spirit restrains us.   As much as possible, we should be at "peace with all men."

     It is equally important to receive hardship and heartache as blessing.  It is a matter of believing God's Word and agreeing with Him.   It's foolish to look for trouble, and it is not noble to take on unnecessary pain.

     Our children need to see us thanking the Lord for times when we are misunderstood or when there is loss.  We must learn to agree with God.

     How rich is the experience of being able to thank the Lord for difficult situations.  After all, He has allowed it.  Yes, He can lead us out, but it has never been His intent for us to avoid the things that chisel us.

     We are being watched by both the seen and the unseen.

     It bothers me so when in periods of financial comfort and health, Christians tend to say they are "so blessed".    

     We are blessed because we are born into The Kingdom of His Dear Son.
     We are blessed when we recognize Him.
     We are blessed to have One to whom we can come to ask for provision.
     We are blessed because we have the Bible, which is "alive and full of power."
     We are blessed because we know He is preparing a Place for us.
     We are blessed because we have each other and can lay down our lives for each other.
     We are blessed because we have prayer.
     We are blessed because we have the Indwelling seven-fold person of The Holy Spirit.

     We must teach our children to seek real blessing. 

     Blessing is learning to be content with both much and with little.

     Commit it to Him, and do it with and in front of your children.  Aloud.