Power is in learning to lean on the Everlasting Arms.

     Today's congregations are peppered with teaching about success and being empowered to "achieve".

     Soldier of The Cross, the flesh is driven to be in control.

     Who was in control when Paul was imprisoned, beaten, and deserted by Christians?
     Who was in control when Isaiah was sawed in half?
     Who was in control when Peter was crucified upside down?

     What about John on the isle of Patmos?

     Success is measured by Heaven's standards and reaps eternal results.  Human success is worth nothing in itself.  The only godly empowerment is that which is supplied by the Indwelling Holy Spirit.  He enables the Soldier to obey.

     Real power has to do with the choices made in private obedience.    

     The health and wealth preachers on TV may be interesting and entertaining, but they do not reflect what is set forth in the Word of God.

     Tell the Lord you give up all interest in what others think of you.  It's a life-long series of obedient choices.

     Tell Him aloud. Today.
     Keep moving.