The Biggest Blinder:

     Most Christians do not have an active private prayer life, and this includes many missionaries and pastors.

     The private prayer life is a decision and a commitment.  Most will agree, but more often than not, Christians agree with what is known to be scriptural and right, rather than because of personal experience.

     It boils down to a physical discipline.  We are good at praying together, and of course many things must be dealt with through corporate prayer.   The private prayer life is another matter. 

     Prayer is fueled by the Word of God, and of course, that is how we pray in His name and according to His will.

     If at all possible, prayer should be aloud.  In so doing, there is a specific choice of words, and the words are by spoken and heard by the one who has set aside this time with the Lord.   Often, the Lord speaks to the petitioner by the Holy Spirit's leading in the choice of words.

     In spite of good teaching, some don't really believe there is much to pray about if there are no pressing needs.

    Soldier, there are always pressing needs.  We just don't always know them.  For the Soldier who is willing to linger in prayer, the Holy Spirit if faithful to unfurl one sentence after another.  This rarely happens when the attempt to pray is silent.  Silent prayer almost always deteriorates into wool-gathering.

     There must be a daily declaration to Him that He can do anything with that Soldier's life.  There must be an acknowledgment of who He is and of His sovereignty.  Different ones will come to mind for intercession.

     It's so important to pray aloud and to have a place that is private.

     Private prayer is what sheds light on everything, and allows the of The Cross to walk in The Light.
     It allows the soldier to recognize the Lord more quickly.
     It brings a confidence that He listens.
     It is absolutely pure worship.
     It heals the deepest wounds.
     It reveals eternity.

     Soldier, you can have all the right answers, but without a consistent private prayer life, you will often miss the Lord and you will put up your sail for the enemy's breeze.

     Take the matter to Him and ask Him to lead you and to train you to please and know him in prayer.
     Ask Him aloud.  Today.