Know What the Word of God Teaches

What a precious thing it is to know what the Word of God teaches.

There are basic doctrines that are precious to the faith and to the living out of the daily life. There can be no compromising or cheapening of the tenants of the faith.

Yet, there is so much more.

Knowledge must lead to action. We are to be dead to the world and alive unto Christ. That calls for affirmative appropriation of the eternal vision God gives to those who make themselves available.

Knowing what God's Word says is a compelling gravity that draws the Soldier of The Cross to press into anything and everything the Lord will do in order to bring about His Own Likeness.

Is there anything else? This life offers nothing precious. Nothing lasting.

Without the Power of the Holy Spirit, catechism instills a pharisaical religion in the listener.

We need Life. We need to be touched.

We need to know the truth, and that without compromise. And we need to see Jesus.