Paranoia vs. Vigilence:

     The Bible teaches a healthy awareness of the enemy and his tactics.  So much of the time, Christians get caught in emotional spins because they fail to realize they are being attacked.

    Attacks come in many forms, and some are even financial and physical.  Most have to do with lies and emotional tornadoes or smaller dust devils.

    Walking in The Word is a great protection.  The issue is, when we are seeking the Lord and concentrating on him, we easily recognize the enemy.

     Remember, we have The Indwelling Holy Spirit.

    There are folks who blame everything on the enemy. and this is often done without prayer.  More times than not, it is an excuse.  Those folks are usually not in the habit of daily meeting with the Lord.

     Yes, we have an enemy whose delight it is to cause suffering, distraction and create lies.  He loves to divide, and we know he is like a hungry lion, seeking whom he may devour.

     Focus on Jesus.  We are born into the Kingdom of Light and we need to walk in The Light.  When we see Jesus, we get it.
    Soldier, we must be confessing sin, interceding for others according to The Word,  privately worshiping Him, and always seeking to be changed.

     We are in a fallen world, and until Glory, we must recognize and resist the enemy.

     He takes care of you.  Really.  Really

     Go to Him and ask Hm for Wisdom, and ask to be reminded to pray about it all. 
     Do it aloud.