The Race:

     It's simple- it is about the Pursuit of God.

     It is not about knowledge.
     It is not about keeping the rules.
     It is not about the best reputation- many martyrs have been tortured or killed for crimes they never committed.
     It is not about doing as much as possible for everyone.

     It is about taking up the Cross daily and following hard after Him.  That is the only way to be a disciple.  (Luke 9:23)

     The Cross is the place of the death of the flesh, and the place of identifying with His sufferings.

     Apart from this vigorous pursuit, there is no Rest. (Hebrews 4:9)
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no Peace.
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no rich fellowship with others or with Him.
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no confidence in His Word.
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no vision.  No wisdom.  No Light.  No Life.

     Soldier of The Cross, all we do involves one foot at a time.  Most seldom feel like praying, because it is a physical process as well as spiritual.  It has to be done.  Without prayer, there is no sight at all- life is a braille experience.

     Go to Him now and do it aloud.  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, and tell Him you will pay any price to be a disciple.  
     After all, He paid the Price for you.