Minister of Life in the Home

The Soldier of The Cross must be a minister of Life in the home.

So often, it is the little daily things of life that penetrate the soul and rub callouses or leave infected prints.

It is easy to be come so familiar with the habits and personalities of others, that you have immediate reactions, or even have reactions to things that have not yet happened. Often the most harmless or well-intended things can become annoying, just because the flesh is demanding, and because we have an enemy.

Most often, people in the home are treated by others according to concept. There is rarely a fresh opportunity for any family member to be treated differently, once a pattern of reaction is established.

Would your family say that you don't complain? Would they say you reveal patience? Would they say you are more aware of the needs of others than your own needs? Do they know you listen to them? Would they say you reveal Jesus?