Never let the urgent take place of the important.

     This is not easy, as we are all subject to pressure. Have you noticed how different things seem when you are geographically far away from the problem? Or how magnified things seem in the night when you can't sleep?

     Learning to lean on The Everlasting Arms is life long, and it only comes by plowing through the gauntlet of life's unsolved matters.

     His agenda is to be our agenda, and, and it only happens, first by prayer, and then by obedience.

     There will never be a time in this life when it all comes together and we can say we are on top of it.

     Soldier of The Cross, you were created to rely on Him. That's why you are so miserable when you thrash around and try to figure out a solution.

     You must do the thing that is before you. Without committed prayer, you will be distracted as long as the matter is unresolved. In this way,  so   many Christians bump through life, missing many opportunities to minister and attend to others.

     You were created to be free. His banner over you is not tension and frustration: His Banner Over you is Love!

     Soldier, bring this to him. Aloud.