The least issue in life is money.

     Yet, it always feels like we are subject to it, or that it has so much power.

     What are we told? That we can't out give God and that He can be tested in this area. Yet, so few take Him at His Word.

     Soldier of The Cross,  if you can't trust God in the area of money, you can't trust him in any area. According to His Word, money is the easiest. Of course, it feels like the hardest because it feels as though money controls so many things,.

     It is not true. He controls money. There are laws He has set in motion that have to do with giving and trust.

     It is crucial to learn this, and the learning never ends. We are constantly attacked in this area, and it is imperative that the matter is always before Him.

     Soldier, take it to Him and do it aloud. It is about agreeing with God and not clinging to what feels valuable.

     Faith is the most valuable element in learning to love. There is no freedom to love with abandon until there is the release that comes from financial obedience and holy giving.

Tell Him about it. Now.