A New Standard:

     When you made the decision to cross the Line and become a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, you stepped into a system of completely different values.

     We are accustomed  to being rewarded for  doing well, and we take instruction from those we hold in high regard.    We  feel transparent and expect others to recognize we are operating according to the finest standards.

     All in all, we expect a measure of fairness, especially within the Church.

     Not so.

     While there certainly is nothing wrong with appropriate recognition, the Soldier of The Cross must learn to submit to the changes he or she has so long prayed for.  So often, we are refined by the things that are the  most offensive to the old man - the flesh.

      It is guaranteed that in Christian service, some of those whom you have loved and helped the most, will hurt you the most.  And usually unfairly or dishonestly.  

     You have decided to take up the Cross and follow Him.  That means you are in full time Christian service, no matter how you spend your hours.

     It isn't a matter of just swallowing it and making the best of it.  It is a matter of  not letting it break your stride.

     Tell Him.