The Flesh Flash:

     There is no excuse for the flesh flash.

     When offended, betrayed, lied about, or any other personal offense, the Old Man just has to raise his ugly head.  Often it is silence.  The silent treatment.  Other times, there is an urgent need to talk to folks about the situation and convince them how bad the offender is.  It's always tempting to hurl a zinger.

     Oh, Soldier!  these things can be given to the Lord in prayer and we all must be praying to be made like Him.  This means when the event happens, the Holy Spirit will quietly and sweetly remind you that you have the power to turn away from your need to administer your own vision of justice.  

     It is a process.  And often a long process.  I saw this in my father all my life, but that didn't mean it has always been easy for me.   Most of the time it means biting your tongue and taking the matter to Him.  If He is leading you to deal with the matter, He will do it in a calm and biblical way.  Most of the time it means governing your tongue.

     No one arrives.  What a glorious thing it is to learn to be obedient in this area.  It means the death of the flesh = taking up The Cross and following Him.  It means you must embrace the beauty of this discipline, only available by testing, testing, testing.

     Are you really interested in His Discipline?  
     Are you attracted to being transformed?
     Is there anything better than being made more like Him and being prepared for eternity?

     Soldier of The Cross, tell Him today and look up verses that relate to this matter.  Other than the neglect of the quiet time, this is the number one thing that quenches Peace.

     Tell Him,  Aloud.