A Flag or The Cross?

     We are told over and over to love one another.

     That means an affirmative determination to take action or to withhold action, as required by Love

     The Church today has certainly become a sprawling variety of Believers, many of whom either go from church to church, or in the alternative, do remote Christianity only.

     No one should go to church just to be "fed".  There has to be sacrificial Love involved, and the issue must be to love the Brethren.   This is not to mean the support of outright heresy, but rather the availability to being used to love and serve others.

     Love means being supremely careful about saying negative things about others.  
     It means doing something kind or saying something encouraging even if you don't feel  like it.
     It means looking for opportunities to serve in ways that are not particularly interesting, but are needed.
     It means being in prayer about being a Soldier of The Cross, and allowing the Lord to lead into places that seem impossible.

     The Church is full of angry, unhappy and complaining Christians who need to find healing in loving and serving others.  The neglect of church attendance results in dullness to the leading of the Lord and we are watched far more carefully then we know.

     It is not enough to go and listen to a message and then leave.  There must be an opportunity for Love, and waving the Christian flag is not enough.  It is time to tell Him you will be a Living Sacrifice and are available to take up The Cross and follow hard after Him in this area.

     Tell Him today.