His Delight is in His Own.

     Serving the Lord means thinking of Him first, His agenda first and His Body first.      Soldier of The Cross, He delights in you.  He has said that His heart is ravished when you think of Him.  He gave His life for your salvation and freedom, and He is accutely aware of your thoughts, discomforts and circumstances.      God has designed you to love Him and to serve Him.  He has designed you so that the best for you is in  subitting to Him.       He has not left you wihout instruction and He has not left you without provision.  He who is preparing a Place for you is One who takes pleasure in every act of obedience.  Every thought of obedience.      Soldier of The Cross, make sure you take time to gaze upon Him.  If you race to Him each day and hastily unload a bundle of needs, you will not be satisfied with Him.       You are so precious to Him - is He enough for you?