Victorious Living:

     Victorious living is available to Adopted Sons and is the result of many decisions, the foremost of which is fellowship with the Lord.

     Without the fresh taking in of The Word, there is no fuel for prayer and the deprived Soldier is like a plant with drooping leaves and dragging stems.

     Many in Christian service are so busy they have neglected the devotional life.  I have seen this all over the world among missionaries.

        Soldier, how can you walk without Light?  
        How can you discern when hearing is dull?
        Decision-making can become subject to feelings, opinions of others, and old information.

     We are challenged to advance toward the Frontier of Faith.  That always means the unknown, even when it comes to the familiar situation. 

     Truth is more real than fact, but only to the Soldier of The Cross who meets with with The Light of The World  and is determined to obey.  There is a price and that price is trusting God instead of trusting experience or advice or feelings.

     Everything by prayer.  Prayer according to the freshness of The Word, rather than yesterday's learning.

     Who is willing? Not many.

     Tell Him today and tell Him aloud so that you are listening as you choose your words.
     Then look up and move on!