Can't Resist:

     One of the most devastating influences in the Body of Christ is gossip.

     Unfortunately, so many do not even recognize what they are doing.  It seems so innocent to pass something juicy on to another and then to try to get a a promise of confidentiality,. But keeping a confidence takes maturity and depth of character..

     The enemy loves gossip and always fans the flames . .There are few more serious dividers than this.

     The one who has the news is like a walker with a pebble in his shoe- it is so disturbing that it has to be relieved before moving on..

     If you are in the company of someone who has this problem, you absolutely must change the subject or leave.  Do not subject yourself to the infection.  Even if you do not fully  accept what you are hearing, you will see the subject  through what you have heard.

     Oh Soldier, get a backbone!.  Obey the word of God- step away from this mine field and move on in Love.

     Take the matter to Him today because it is so, so serious.

     Ask for wisdom and discernment and ask aloud..