Agreeing With God:

     Today someone told me she is angry at God for not healing her child.

     I have never understood being angry at God.  He can certainly take it, but it makes no sense.  The supposition is that the one who is angry sees God a having made a mistake.  Or sees Him as having failed to pay attention to the problem.  

     The Soldier of The Cross must predetermine that the Lord can do anything with that Soldier's life or anything that touches him or her.   If we believe the Word, we know for sure that He is interested in everything and deeply cares for His Own. 

     So, the issue is whether or not you actually believe what He has said.

     Grief has a myriad of expressions.  It is not possible to suffer deep loss and just move on without feeling something.  A famous missionary of yesteryear went into the woods by himself for two years when his wife died.

     One of the deepest pains is the loss of a child and there is little that can be said to assuage that seering grief.  Knowing others care is important, but getting all sorts of advice about "getting over it" is worse than hearing nothing.

     These things must be given to the Lord and that happens in prayer.  It is by faith.   Aloud.  Telling God that you release whatever it is to Him.  This has to be done because it is an act of affirmatively agreeing with Him.  It protects the Soldier against many of the enemy's flaming darts concerning the loss.

     And, it is critical to be aware of thoughts that  are swirling in the mind.

     If allowed, the Indwelling Holy Spirit comforts in remarkably creative ways. 

     Soldier, if this is about you, take it to Him, and if physically possible, it must be aloud.

     Then, go and do something for someone else who is hurting.