Let It Go:

     There is no way to avoid unfairness and sometimes betrayal.

     For those who have really crossed the line into devoted discipleship, others may be getting undeserved recognition while the Soldier of The Cross is passed over, maybe even having done better than the one recognized.

     When I was in my early 40's, Elisabeth Elliot sent me a sheet of paper on which was printed an old and short essay called "Others May, You Cannot."

     It came in an envelope by itself, so I knew I was to absorb it carefully.  It was a life-changer.

     Now that there is internet, this little piece of invaluable writing is available instantly.

     I suggest you look it up.

     Then take the matter to the Lord.   Aloud.

     We must come to understand the He must be allowed room to display His Life in us.

     Pray about it.  Then let it go and move on.