No Wound-licking:


   If you are serious about following and serving the Lord, the will not only be people who will not like you, but you will be the target of all sorts of schemes.

     We have an enemy and  he loves to use other Christians against the Soldier of The Cross.

     There are some basics to follow, all of which are found in The Word:

          Stop talking about the offense or the offender;
          Stop reviewing it over and over in your head;
          Stop fanticizing about how it could have been avoided;
          Do pray for the offender(s);
          In prayer, affirmatively forgive them.

     Remember, forgiveness is not a feeling and it does not mean a restored relationship.  Forgiveness is evidenced by your thoughts and actions, not by your feelings.

     If you predetermine to handle these things according to the Word of God, when it happens, and it will happen, the worst of the sting will have already been removed.

     Soldier, what else is there in all existence other than serving The One who gave Himself for us and has promised He will see it all through?

     Hanging on to an evil done to us is counter-productive and we must learn to handle it His way.

     Tell Him in prayer.  Aloud.

     Then, look up and move on!