Something Out of Nothing:

     “But as for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Too little to be among the clans of Judah;
      From you One shall come forth for Me [who is] to be Ruler in Israel,  His goings forth (appearances) are from        long ago,  From [a]ancient days.”
                                     Micah 5:2   (Amplified Bible)

     This text is critical in God’s Word in that it indicates that the Messiah would be born in one of the most unlikely towns in the country- Bethlehem.

     Have you decided to be a disciple and take up The Cross and Follow Him?  Have you told Him and did you mean it?

     Now you are a Soldier of The Cross.  Consider this:  God has never chose the most qualified or the most talented or the most highly achieved.  He has always chosen those who would hear Him and obey Him.  

     One person can make a stunning difference in the lives of unnumbered people.
     Think of Paul who had persecuted Christians;
     Think of Peter who had a mouth that would not stop;
     Think of David who, though anointed King, caved in to a weakness of the flesh;
     Think of Elijah who tried to succumb to depression after great victory.

     The lineage of Jesus does not reveal God’s need for perfection but rather assures us that He makes whatever He wants out of whomever is available.

     Soldier of The Cross, might that be you?