Creating With Words:

     "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words."
                                               Proverbs 18:21   (Amplified Bible)


     And, God's Word also tells us that everything was spoken into being.  Hebrews 1:3 says that He whose name is The Word, keeps everything in existence by the Power of His Word.

     Soldier of The Cross, this is a threshold that requires an affirmative decision.  Will you cross this line?  Will you take your ability to speak before Him and ask that you be transformed in this area?

     If God's Word is to be taken as absolute Truth, this matter is one of stunning power to heal or to wound.  In dealing with decades of missionary problems, I have found that in the homes of many Christian servants, the tongue is aloud casual abandon because it is the home.  How are you at home?  When there is something annoying do you express things that are not productive? 

     When you are angry does that tongue let loose and allow a flood of cursing and anger?

     How can this change?  Perhaps you have had a lifetime of volcanic verbal expression.

     Being furious does not excuse the unleashing of things that ought not to be said.  The discipline in this area is for you.  It is for your good.  It is so you can be used of God in every situation.  You are the only Jesus many of the people around you are seeing.  

     Including some of your families.

     So, what are they seeing?  Or hearing?

     Oh Soldier, when you told Him He could have your life, you meant it.  So take this matter to Him, and trust the Indwelling Holy Spirit to lead you through the Word of God and to remind you when things get rough.

     It's not about being right or religious, but it is about clearing out things that quench the Spirit.  The process is supernatural.

     Look up the verses about the mouth and the tongue.  Write one down each week 10 times and memorize it.  Then next week, do another.

     Make sure you take this to Him today.