Cutting Through:

     Often it is the little annoyances of life that get to us.

     If that is justified or never dealt with, big blows are crippling.

     Stability is an obvious feature of the Soldier of The Cross.  It is the result of making choices that go against feeling but are good behavior and wise words.

     Stability does not mean never having extreme feelings.  It doesn't mean always avoiding mistakes.  It means being rooted in the Word of God which fuels prayer with resulting godly behavior. 

     It means forcing one’s self to move straight ahead doing the next thing according to the light and wisdom available.  That might mean a kind word when you can barely speak, or it might mean not speaking when you feel like eating someone's face off.

     We are sojourners and pilgrims.  We keep moving.  We can't avoid problems, but we move through them with the vast help available to us.

     You are being watched, not only by those around you, but by unseen powers of both darkness and Light.

     Fuel up and moved on.

     Take it to Him and do it aloud.  In so doing, you will choose your words carefully. He speaks to the petitioning heart by leading the choice of words.