Real Trust:

     There is a difference between hoping God comes through and knowing He will do far more than can be imagined if He is allowed.

     The Believer has two choices: trust God,  or worry and be worn out by trying to fix it     

     Even though most of us can quote a number of verses about rolling our burdens on Him and. being anxious for nothing, the mind and the mouth betray the lack of confidence in God's care and intervention.

     Soldier, this is a big issue for you because you became a Soldier of The Cross when you told Him you would let Him do anything He wanted to with your life.   And, the Christian walk is one of always moving on into the frontier of trust.

     It is either true or it is a lie.

     How do you know God is real?

     Review what He has done. 
     Review answered prayer. 
     Review how you have changed since the time you yielded to His touch.

     There are times when we find ourselves in the most unfair situations and it seems like things will never be equalized.  He is a God of justice and He will come through, though most likely not in the way you want or the time you think it has to be.

     Soldier, there is nothing else.  If God can be trusted, let us learn to trust Him.  This means we never stop learning.

     Restate your availability to Him.  
     Aloud.  Then look up and move on!