Your Influence:

     You are the only Jesus most people will see.

     Right before I had a real encounter with the Lord, I remember thinking about a few of the Believers I had known and realizing for the first time that there was nothing about them I could separate from their relationship with Him.

     I was 29 before I realized that about my father.  I thought about a clarinet player I knew.  And a local pastor of a tiny church.  I was confronted.

     His Own ought not to sling back what others deserve or get them behind their backs.  A Soldier of The Cross who really wants to be a disciple has to learn to suffer misunderstanding and often just plain abuse, while turning to the Lord for not only consolation, but for wisdom in how to handle or not handle it.

     We are staggeringly wealthy.  We must learn to appropriate it and to use it.

     Soldier, in the Kingdom, nothing is learned by hearing about it.  We learn by having experiences that require waiting, prayer, restraint, the ministering love to the unlovely and launching into the frontier of faith.

     Just tell Him you are available. Like a leaf on a tree when the wind blows.

    Tell Him aloud.  You can't say it if you don't mean it.