Delight in The Lord:

   It strikes me that the Lord always brings heavenly surprises and special presents at the times least expected.    What a glorious thing it is when someone meets the Lord.  And when it is the one you thought you might never see come to Him, it almost unbearably pleasurable - except that it is so right.     He who has encouraged us to pray for all men every where, knows how to delight the faithful with  answered prayer!  To the honest heart, it is possible to say that when we get to heaven, we will see prayer answered that we never knew about on earth.    But while we are here, there are enough evidences of His listening, that no faithful prayer warrior can be anything other than energized by the sweetness and the creativity of answered prayer.    I have often prayed for things that I knew He could do and might do, but had never heard He had done before.  Some of those things have exploded into sight in the way that only He can do - spectacular, yet altogether in the course of things.     For thirty-two years I have brought people before Him and most of them have not met Him yet.  At the same time, I have prayed on occasion for some, and I have watched them come to him in just a few weeks or months.    It is His call.    It is His business.    It is His Kingdom.    And, it is His work.    Pray.  For the night is coming.