Rejoice, and Again I Say, Rejoice!

   Soldier of The Cross, there must be a genuine delight in His way and His time.    How can this happen, when there is an urgent need and it seems that He is not doing the thing that cries to be done?  How can this happen when it is already too late?    Soldier, you must put your weight down on God's Word.  Have you, in fact, made the decision to live by the Word of God?  Is there any other way to live?    Where is there a greater value?    This must be addressed in  prayer.  In the accelerating swirl, or in the eye of the storm, He is the same.  Everything is the same.  It only appears threatening by sight.  I reality, it is not so, because He has said so.     Soldier, speak to Him about this matter in prayer.  Simply be honest.  Address the issues to Him instead of letting your mind repeat the same circles over and over.  Let it go in prayer.     Do it now.  Do it aloud.