If you find change difficult, you need to get some things settled with God.    Traumatic change is never easy. Death, debilitating illness, an unwanted move, a broken relationship - any  of these will be tough.  However,  as Soldiers of The Cross, we have chosen to serve Another.  That means we must allow  the deep work of the Holy Spirit in order to be able to follow the Lord.    If we are available to be changed by Him, we are available to the changes He brings into our lives.    Concerning many things, we have free will.  There are changes we can choose not to make.  We can resist the gentle leading of the Spirit.  In so doing, we miss God's best for us. Nevertheless, there is choice.  If we follow him, there is Glory, transformation and freedom.    There comes a time when God allows change, or brings change that the flesh hates, simply because of the level of discomfort.  These changes should not be traumatic.  These changes are those that are a natural part of the supernatural course.    As an attorney, I see many people who do not have a choice.  They are heartbroken and would have done anything to avoid the situation in which they have found themselves.    As a member of the Body of Christ, I see those who fear a loss of control.  I see those who are so afraid God will let them down, that they deliberately and knowingly refuse to live by biblical principles.    Soldier of The Cross, are you really His?  Humility is a requisite to having any relationship with the Lord.  Why did Paul say less of me and more of Him?  All you know is what you know.  In fact, you do not even know all of the things that are "common knowledge."  How can you possibley know what is best for you?    For that reason, we have His Word.    He has asked you to wait for Him.  To trust Him.  To take His Word over what you see with your eyes.  He has asked you to let Him lead you.  He wants to be your Shepherd.     Put the baggage down.  Be ready to move.     Those who are ready in Christ are able to work with total concentration, regardless of the circumstances.     Those who are ready in Christ are able to live in the moment.    Those who are ready in Christ are aware of the needs of others.    Those who are ready in Christ are eager to serve.    Those who are ready in Christ have a world vision.    Those who are ready in Christ are not easily offended.    Those who are ready in Christ are able to love the unlovely.    Those who are ready in Christ are stable.    Those who are ready in Christ are like Him.