Those who walk with the Lord know what it is to partake of His Life.    His Life far exceeds enthusiasm or fervor or bent.  His Life is always present where He is allowed to be.  This means that when the Soldier of The Cross is available, the Lord is ministering through that Christian.  This ministry if beyond anyone's personality or ability.  It is supernatural.    The Life of the Lord is resurrection Life.  It is described as "rivers of living water" that flow out of the one who is in unity with Him.     Soldier, there is nothing you can do to minister the life of the Lord, except belong to Him, cling to Him, Love Him and obey Him.     You can't improve your personality.    You can't take a course.    You can't practice.     You can't sacrifice to get it.    You can't imitate.    You can. just know Him.  Then, He will reveal Himself through you.