Leave No Unguarded Place:

   Soldier of The Cross, the flesh has the strongest of feelings.    Disappointment is an emotion.  A feeling.  And, it is real. The issue is, is He real?  Is His Word true? Or is it not?       Soldier, consider the famous hymn.  Are you indeed a Soldier of The Cross     Yes?     Get up.  Dust yourself off, and gear up for the battle.  After all, what else is there?    Stand then in his great might,    with all his strength endued;    but take to arm you for the fight,    the panoply of God.    Leave no unguarded place,    no weakness of the soul;    take every virtue, every grade,    and fortify the whole.    Soldier, take this to prayer.  Aloud.    I tell you, if you have not prayed loud, you have never experienced the release that prayer can bring. You must formulate thoughts into sentences.      Come before Him and declare that you will serve.  Is there an area of your life that is open field for satan? Tell Him you will yield.    Do it today and do it aloud.  Tell Him that you will leave no unguarded place!