Give Thanks Instead of Asking Why:

   The bottom line of your life is, have you decided to trust God, or have you not?    If you are trusting Him, you must look at Him.  You must listen to the things He says, because you have already decided that your life is in His hands and not your own.    What are the most basic facts you know about Him?    He is Love.    He gave Himself for you.    He is preparing a Place for you.    He watches over you.    He dwells within you as the Holy Spirit    His heart is ravished when you think of Him.    He listens intently.  He has already conquered death.    He has made it so that you can experience His peace at all times.    Where else will you go?  Who else will you follow?    So, He means what He says.  It means He will withhold no good thing.  It means that He will enter when the door is opened, and He will sup with you.    He will lead you with His eyes.    He will restore the years the locusts have eaten.    So, the One who holds the stars in place and gave His life for you, is only going to allow what is the best for you.  Therefore, thank Him.  Those who are thankful do not ask "why".   You don't need to know why.  In fact, you do not have the capacity to understand, even if you were told.  You are not Omniscient.  He alone holds the understanding.    Submit to the surgical knife of the Lover of Your Soul.