No Wound-licking!

   The Soldier of The Cross may not howl and carry on about how he has been treated.     If you hear yourself behaving that way, stop and consider the One who died for you.     When there is no Cross, the flesh needs attention and tries to gain a false balance by persuading someone against someone else.  The offense may even have been caused by someone no longer living, but, if there is no Cross the need to salve the wound gets stronger with age.    The Cross is the place of the death of the flesh.  It is the place where personal offenses are given up to the Lord.   It is the place where the gravity of this life is weakened, and heaven brings a vision  of eternity.    It is the place of ministry to others- sacrificial ministry.    It is the place of sweet fellowship with the Lord Jesus.    Soldier, waste no time.  Take up your Cross daily.    In prayer.    Aloud.