There will be no acrid air in Heaven.    Where He is, there is sweetness, Glory, Light, healing and creativity.    Soldier of The Cross,  when the atmosphere is wrong, you must Stand on The Rock of Ages and resist the enemy.     Because we live in a fallen world, and because satan is the prince of the power of the air, there are always things that pierce the most determined and stalwart.  We read about the saints of the faith and we think that they were stronger than we.  It is not true.    Soldier of The Cross, do you recognize what is happening?  Can you see when you are being attacked?    A Servant of the Living God ought not to be on the defensive.   He who is our High tower, Commander, High Wall and Fortress, is more than able.    Do you need to be in control?  Are you willing to let Him have His way?  If you are, the ground on which you walk will not move.  Your eyes will reflect Him.  Your countenance will reflect Peace.     Walk in the Light, as He is in the Light.    It is absolutely possible to taste Heaven on earth.